There was a time
When I thought I could be anyone
I tried so hard to fit in
I was afraid that they wouldn’t understand
So I tried to wear a different skin
Kept it inside
All the things that I was feeling
Hoping they would just go away
But underneath
My dreams were slowly dying
Honesty sold out and betrayed

But who wants to be an oyster
Living in their shell?
Gotta trust, gotta try,
Gotta love, gotta shine right through

I’m not gonna run, not gonna hide
This time I’ll stand my ground and fight
I’ll take the chance ‘coz wrong or right
I have to make a choice and find my voice

It took a while but I finally found the courage
To climb down from that comfortable fence
No more guilt
No more need for those apologies
This is where fragility ends
Shake off that armor
We all have our scars

Sometimes joy, sometimes pain,
Sometimes sun, sometimes rain will come

(c) 2010 Gavin Goszka

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